The Grace Project acts as a creative outlet for at-risk and under served youth by providing workshops, facilitated art times and art shows for the purpose of building confidence and encouraging self-discovery.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pizza Art Party Extravaganza!!!

Today the GRACE kids from Open House Shelter visited The Space Artist Collective for a PIZZA ART PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!! Thanks to The Blind Onion, the kiddos enjoyed delicious pizza.
After they were done eating, they spent about an hour painting on The Space's community art wall.
We ended the day with bubbles!!
GRACE wants to welcome our newest little artist, Jason. He was a great addition to our group.

(next week is face painting!!!)

Today's field trip in photos:

Jason's palette

Jason's contribution

Bubble time!!! (kids blurred for privacy)

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