The Grace Project acts as a creative outlet for at-risk and under served youth by providing workshops, facilitated art times and art shows for the purpose of building confidence and encouraging self-discovery.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Robots, Dragons and Dolls, Oh My!!

GRACE had a blast today at Open House Family Shelter!! Vikki and I did some face painting for the kids... everything from robots to China dolls and dragons. Sometimes it's fun to be someone else for a day.

Tropical Sunset Face (It took me awhile, but I'm really proud of this one!) :-)

Mr Robot Face

Thought for the week: There are no mistakes in art, only discoveries!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pizza Art Party Extravaganza!!!

Today the GRACE kids from Open House Shelter visited The Space Artist Collective for a PIZZA ART PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA!! Thanks to The Blind Onion, the kiddos enjoyed delicious pizza.
After they were done eating, they spent about an hour painting on The Space's community art wall.
We ended the day with bubbles!!
GRACE wants to welcome our newest little artist, Jason. He was a great addition to our group.

(next week is face painting!!!)

Today's field trip in photos:

Jason's palette

Jason's contribution

Bubble time!!! (kids blurred for privacy)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mixed Media Self Portraits

This week at GRACE we did mixed media self portraits. Feathers were flying, glitter pom poms were scattering the floor and the girls had another week of creativity. In short, it was SO much fun!!

This week we had five girls, with two new young artists joining us.

Now onto the pictures!

Our mixed media supplies!

Danielle (with one high heel so she could "spin around and around")

Theresa abstract self portrait

Next week button mosaics!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

And so it begins!

Thursday marked the official first day of The GRACE Project. After months of planning and preparation, we did our first art class with Open House Family Shelter and it was so much fun! There were six girls ranging in ages 6 to 12. Our first week we did collage; most of the kids had never had the pleasure of cutting and pasting paper to create beautiful works of art. But they all jumped in with gusto.
When told that "art has no rules", one of the little girls asked, "Well, then can I glue this pencil to my art?" I said "Of course!"
Here is Jordan glueing pencils to her collage:

The girls were very fond of attaching lion heads to different bodies to create new creatures. Here are a few of them:

Mustaches were also very popular!

For the next three weeks we will continue our journey into creativity. Next week is self portrait week, we will use mixed media including paints and different textured paper. Week three is button mosaic week, we have TONS of buttons (thanks Mom!!) to work with. And week four is a field trip to The Space Artist Collective.... the kids will get the opportunity to paint on the community wall (I'm VERY excited about this!).

This is just the beginning of what I know will be a very fulfilling program. And just one of many! In the Fall we'll be working with Lewis and Clark High School doing workshops with local artists teaching various techniques (of course I'm most excited about the photography workshop!!).

Much love to everyone who supports this very important project. And remember... everyone is an artist.